The Queen Bee

To be successful, one has to be one of three bees: the queen bee, the hardest working bee, or the bee that does not fit in.

Suzy Kassem

My mother used to say I’m unique. I think it was her kind way of everyone else’s “special.” I was neither her’s nor my father’s daughter; I was some bridge between two vastly different people who once imagined a world where they would be together. I was raised on 1970s feminist nostalgia from my mother and 1930s Hollywood romance by her parents. From my father I inherited a wondering spirit, alway curious and intrigued by the new.

I did not belong to a clique…or perhaps I did. A clique of misfit creatives who didn’t believe in cliques. (Ironic, no?) I know almost everyone everywhere I go, yet I call few my friends.

I strive to be the best in my craft and don’t aim to spread myself thin. I am a quality over quantity type.

I enjoy meeting new people and if there is something more you’d like to know, please read my blogs. I will cover a variety of topics, some of which are a part of bigger series. My first series “Exploring Indy” is in its first installment titled “But First, Coffee” where I am getting to know local coffee shops in Indianapolis, IN. There are other ideas in the works for this series as well as plans to begin blogging about the struggles and joys of parenting an ADHD/anxious son, relationships, health/wellness, politics, events, conservation, local women and children’s causes, mental health, and more!

Lambert, my Lambs Ear

My Favorite Things

Singing: Ask anyone who’s ever had to live with me how much I sing. They will probably shudder. It’s not that I’m bad at singing, I’m really good at it. What makes them shudder is that I don’t stop. Unless I have a sore throat, I’m singing my way through life like a Rogers & Hammerstein musical.

Reading: I can run right through a Stephen King novel. My favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sometimes, I try to read Fitzgerald, but he’s too flowery for me. You will find I’m a short, sweet, direct kind of personality. Gorillas In the Mist, by Dian Fossey – I mean: iconic! I will literally read a book about biology any day.

Currently Reading

Recommended Reading

Exercise: Rock climbing, hiking (aka: forest bathing), swimming, weight-lifting, dancing, yoga, pilates. I’m not very into cardio, but I’ll do it because you need to.

Plants: I have a few plants, I’ve had others who didn’t make it. RIP to Sweet Dee (string of pearls succulent) who died from an infestation of mealybugs. My other plants are a cactus named Dennis Reynolds, an asapargus fern named Jules Ferne, a lambs ear named Lambert (soft but mighty), a lemon button fern named Fernie Sanders, and my son has a cactus named Reuden Jackson.

love from shy Renki; Wolf Park, Battle Ground, IN; Image Credit: Sarah Moralez

Pets: I’ve had so many pets in my life. Currently I have a big, beautiful woman cat named Grace Buckley (she lives for Jeff Buckley’s voice so I named her after his song Grace + his surname), a young feral rescue kitteh named Pyewacket Frankenstein, and a blue betta named Blue Galaxy (he was a Christmas present for my son, but I have to admit I didn’t think I’d love a fish … welp, I do).

Animals: Gorillas, Highland cows (or as my Scots call them: heilan coos), wolves, owls, bulls, goats, bees (um, duh!). Usually, what gets an animal to be classified as a favorite is so much more than how cute they are. Gorillas will forever top the list because as a really young girl my mom introduced me to Koko the gorilla via her book, Koko’s Kitten, and then around the age of 8 about 4 years after the movie came out) we watched “Gorillas In the Mist” about Dian Fossey. My love for all things gorillas has just catapulted from there and I could not be more grateful to my mother for not only giving me her love of conservation and global wildlife, but for being so enthusiastic about my excitement and need for more information. My desire to be in Rwanda, Cameroon and the Congo to see these amazing and smart sentient beings is my number one bucket list item. I could die on the way home from that trip and that would be just fine because I got to see them; it is that deep for me.

helian coo on the banks of Loch Awe, Argyll & Bute, Scotland, UK – Image Credit: Vinny Keenan Photography

Ethnicity: Recently, I did an Ancestry DNA kit (see the blog). I am mostly Scottish and Native American and as the blog will tell you, some other fun things!

Languages: I love linguistics even though I only (currently) speak English fluently. I understand more Spanish than I can speak and some of my household commands are in German. Scottish should be considered a language, by the way. Friends and I are going to attempt to learn French together.

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