But First, Coffee: Monon Coffee Co.

In the heart of Broad Ripple, a shining gem is tucked into red brick

Image Credit: Monon Coffee Co. Facebook

One of the friendliest coffee shops in Indy is Monon Coffee Co. In the last couple of years, it has changed ownership and had a face lift in its design, but the atmosphere and hospitality have remained intact. They specialize in fair trade coffee and locally-made pastries, and they have been a staple in the Broad Ripple neighborhood since 1997 (the good ol’ days).

I have been going to this establishment since the 2000s and I won’t lie, I stumbled upon this coffee shop after a night out on the strip known as Broad Ripple Avenue. They are actual life-givers at this establishment! For those who are out all night, when you wake up, this is my suggestion for your morning pick-me-up.

These days, I’m a little older and a mom, but it’s still a fun spot to visit with my son. Plus, Broad Ripple by day is vastly different from Broad Ripple by night (but we can get into that in a later series). It’s not uncommon to see people working, reading, writing, and talking with the incredible baristas and other patrons here, and like any other coffee shop, once you go enough times you’ll recognize faces and make some new friends.

If you sit outside on a sunny day, you’ll be able to get your dose of puppy kisses because a lot of good dogs are being walked in Broad Ripple! Some note-worthy mentions: Monon Coffee Co. are big on community. It’s not unlikely for them to host art or music nights, and seek donations for good causes.

Nearby, there are stores to peruse, plenty of dining options and the Broad Ripple canal where for mere cents you cna feed corn to the ducks and geese.

SARAH’S RECOMMENDATIONS: White Zombie, Mona Lisa, and (although a smoothie) Sunset. As always, every drink I mention that requires milk gets a substitute for me due to a dairy intolerance.

Image Credit: Crystal Kamm; while taken at The Garden Table, my Monon Coffee Co. Mona Lisa was proudly brought in with me

BONUSES: Sunday hours, music/art nights, atmosphere, selfie-worthy, community outreach (ask shop for details)

BUMMERS: limited seating, no classes (that I know of at time of posting)

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And as always, stay tuned because I will update my posts as I learn new things and experience new drinks!