But First, Coffee: Kaffeine Coffee Company

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Image Credit: Sarah Moralez

It takes me so long to get around this city to see all of its sights and meet its people, but like most every other experience I have when I venture out, Kaffeine Coffee Company has been warm and inviting every time I visited!

It’s built out of an old garage behind Circa Apartments in the Mass Ave district and it’s chalk full of nostalgia. I love the tile work on the floor as soon as you walk in, the old frame and brickwork, the original restroom, the textured glass on the doors… I could go on, but you have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it.

I love how hidden away this place is and it’s rare I come across a friend who has been or has heard of it so I want to help get the word out. This shop has insanely good coffee, and the baristas are so open to answering your questions. I love knowing where my coffee is sourced from (and you can see it match up on the gigantic map behind the bar), and Kaffeine adheres to a moral guideline with their fair trade, single-source coffee (and treats) that has my full respect.

As these last couple of months have progressed and my son has been made to venture around town with me to coffee shops, he’s become vocal about what he’s looking for in a coffee shop. Mostly it’s WiFi-related because he wants to be able to watch videos and play games online, but if a shop has a kids corner, he will fully endorse you. Kaffeine has a cute reading corner with kids books and a couple of cozy chairs (and yes, they have WiFi) that he likes to make his own. It’s been mom and kid approved for your referral!

PS: He also recommends the peppermint chocolate bars and the hot chocolate.

If you’re wanting to jump to their website for more information, unfortunately you won’t be met with much. I had to do a Google search and came across a couple of articles that were from the start of 2017 in Nuvo and The Indy Star, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why there aren’t more. They are news-worthy!

Because of this, I plan on making many more visits, sipping on some Vietnamese coffee and asking a lot of questions, but maybe that’s the better option. After all, what’s a coffee shop if you aren’t getting to know about it and its people?

SARAH’S RECOMMENDATIONS: Vietnam coffee, honey latte and chai latte. As always, every drink I mention that requires milk gets a substitute due to a dairy intolerance.

BONUSES: Sunday hours, atmosphere, selfie-worthy, ample seating

BUMMERS: no classes, music/art nights, or
community outreach that I’m aware of at time of posting (ask shop for details)

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And as always, stay tuned because I will update my posts as I learn new things and experience new drinks!