But First, Coffee: Indie Coffee Roasters

This place is like everyone’s Cheers but with coffee!

Image Credit: Indie Coffee Roasters

Saddled beside Carmel High School is a total gem of a spot! I have never had the same thing twice and tend to stick to Indie Coffee Roasters‘ signature drinks, crafted by their baristas. I love that the owners have thought of small details that make big impacts on your experience. It has shot up the list to one of my favorite Indianapolis coffee shops for these reasons. The interior of “The Dog House” is bright and modern; inviting in every sense of the word. Everything from the baristas they choose to the lighting (natural and unnatural) lends itself to your enjoyment. You will always be greeted with a smile by humans who love what they do at this establishment! BONUS: They will know your name quickly. Without telling them, on my third visit, they brought my drink to me and knew my name. I’m guilt-ridden that I do not know all of their names yet, I must admit.

It has been very nice, though, to learn about the baristas and their passions. They truly enjoy their work, but they all do some really cool things outside of their careers as well! I think at some point I would love to embellish on this, but for now you should walk in, order your cuppa, and conversate with them yourself!

Roasting their coffee since 2013, their doors to the shop opened in 2018 and that’s when I heard of them. Took me a while, but once I walked in the first time, it’s hard to think of another place I’d want to be. The chemistry was immediate and lived up to the hype of my reliable source: my best friend! This place makes me want this blogging side hustle to be my only hustle, so I can sit down at their counter or a cozy working table, and enjoy life!

UPDATE (1/9/19): Original post had the opening year of The Dog House in 2017; they will be celebrating one year on Jan 23 2019. Go congratulate them, buy some merch and sit for a spell! Specials will be announced very soon to help them ring in their new year!!

SARAH’S RECOMMENDATIONS: Admittedly, I’ve only had the signature drinks from Fall and Winter 2018, and I’ve yet to drink the same thing twice. I absolutely recommend these options! Every drink I mention that requires milk gets a substitute for me due to a dairy intolerance.

Indie Grog; Image Credit: Sarah Moralez

BONUSES: good amount of seating (more in the summer, and dog-friendly outside), atmosphere, selfie-worthy, classes, community outreach (ask shop for details)

BUMMERS: no Sunday hours, no known music/art nights at time of post

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Stay tuned because I will update my posts as I learn new things and experience new drinks!